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What I Do, Da Do:

  • Play 6 Different Instruments 
  • Perform A Wide Variety of Music Styles 
  • Storytelling 
  • American Folklore & Joke-Lore 
  • Perform One Man Historical Shows {See Programs} 
  • Perform for Kids and Seniors {Schools/Nursing Home}
  • Tour North America 
  • Appear at Music Festivals and Camps 
  • Teach Ukulele & Harmonica Classes and Online 
  • Write Instructional Books for Hal Leonard Corp
  • Scraps of Quilting Music Show 
  • Jewish Cultural Heritage Programs {See Programs} 
  • Love My Family, Friends and Fans With All My Heart 



Howdy Friends,

Thanks for making a stop at Lil Rev Central.

Check out my schedule, store, bio and much more!

I hope you know, that I am most grateful for your interest in my work.

After a fun 2021 summer of live, outdoor shows, things are largely moving back  online with a slew of new revinars, mead classes and virtual shows. 

I've got a couple of live shows booked in November in the Milwaukee area and a tour of FL in Feb., Please visit my calendar to see what's coming up! 

Hope to see you, 

Lil Rev 

PS: If you've never been to my ukulele blog, you might find some interesting articles there! Give it a peek at: 


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