Ukulele Songbooks

In response to overwhelming demand, I have created a budding series of songbooks with easy-to-read chord diagrams and lyrics. Packed with photos of friends and family from my back pages, this is the best way to strum along with your favorite Lil' Rev songs.

Blue Arpeggios
A unique collection of 24 skill-building exercises arranged for the beginning- and intermediate-level fingerstyle student. Each exercise is intended to foster core concepts that are often neglected in fingerstyle uke song folios.

Strum-Along Songbook
A collection of 66 ukulele tunes selected from my backlog of albums: (Fountain of Uke, Volumes 1 & 2, Drop Baby Drop, Happiest Way to Be Sad, and Uke Town).

Sing Song Daddy Songbook
A song-by-song supplement for anyone looking to play along with the Sing Song Daddy album.

Poetry Books

Get into the mind of Lil Rev with these collections packed with stories, essays, poems, quotes, proverbs and pictures.

Ukulele Nation
Lil Rev's celebrated Ukulele Nation poetry book is the first of its kind — as far as I know, it's the only book in the world that is strictly dedicated to the poetry of uke! It contains over 50 poems, stories, essays, quotes, and pictures.

Lil' Red Poem Book
My first back-pocket chap book containing poems, stories, pictures, quotes, and wise sayings for the discriminating bathroom reader.

Lil' Gold Poem Book
The much-anticipated follow-up to the orginal volume! Another back-pocket chap book filled with poems, stories, pictures, quotes, and wise sayings for the discriminating bathroom reader!

Hal Leonard Music Instruction Material 

In my never-ending mission to spread the joy of music to the people, I've written a wealth of ukulele and harmonica instruction books, CDs and videos for the Hal Leonard Group. While I don't sell these books and videos directly, I hope I can save you some searching and hunting by providing direct links to their corresponding Amazon page.

Essential Strums & Strokes for Ukulele
(book + web video)
Learn to become a proficient ukulele strummer as Lil' Rev details a variety of strumming techniques, from clawhammer to the zig-zag stroke to punk rock strums and beyond.