Scraps of Quilting music

A heartwarming one-man show, born from a passion for all things timeless and rooted. This ode to the American quilting tradition celebrates the untold number of quilters who let their stitches tell their stories. These gifts of patience touch everyone’s lives; whether they provide a little piece of home to a soldier in the thick of war; to providing warmth to a family in the thick of winter.

Featuring songs, stories, poetry and lore derived from personal interviews with elder quilters, historical documents. Themes in the show include:

  • Quilts’ ability to pass down family history
  • Quilts of Gee's Bend
  • Quilts of the Civil War
  • Quilts of the Old West
  • The Aids Quilt
  • and much more…


You had us all laughing and crying.
— Nina Edleman, North Shore Quilters Guild

We loved Lil Rev's performance at our guild meeting. He has a real appreciation of what we do and the sing-a-long was so much fun! 
— Glenda Alexander / Durham-Orange Quilters

Thank you for joining us at Quilt Expo! I know the crowd really enjoyed your evening event! You did a fabulous job! You're a marvelous storyteller!
— Deanna Spring for Nancy Zieman Productions Quilt Expo 2012 (Madison, WI)
Lil Rev has crept into the minds and hearts of quilters, making us laugh and pause for reflection.  His musical performance at in our Barn Gallery for University Days 2014 was a huge hit!
— Susan Wernecke, University Days Co-Chair, Wisconsin Museum of Fiber Arts, Inc.

This popular show has appeared at:

  • The North Shore Quilters Guild
  • The Tarpon Springs Cultural Arts Center
  • The Portage County Performing Arts
  • The Wandering Foot Quilt Club
  • The Almond Quilt
  • The Columbia Public Library Outreach Program (Across Missouri)
  • The Franklin Public Library (Hobo Quilt Program)
  • The Wauwatosa Quilt
  • The Madison Quilt Expo (Nancy Zieman Productions)
  • The Durham-Orange Quilters
  • Sewing w/Nancy (Wisconsin Public Televsion)


Approximately 75 minutes


Performed on guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, harmonica and recorder

Perfect for quilting guild meetings and expos. To bring Scraps of Quilting Music to your venue, contact Marc Revensen at or 414-305-2328. 

Scraps of Quilting Images